Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Do Jesuits Have Planned For The London Olympics ?

Before you read the following article you may not be aware that Tony Blair is a Jesuit , a Papal Knight of Malta as are Murdoch, Bush and Obama. What do they all have in common ? they are war criminals. Murdoch sells war through the media for heads of state. No coincidence then that Blair has chosen this moment in time to reinvent himself  for the Olympics.

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To read the article in full one must subscribe , however I believe the information at the given link tells us all we need to know. G4S undercover reporter warned us and tried to tell the media who told him to go away they did not want to know !



The Investigative Journal received an email from a London resident, thinking foul play could occur and not in the form of  athletes trying to juice up with newfangled undetectable drugs.
Here is what he said:
Are you ready for the Olympics?

I hope to be out of London for part of it.

I do have to be in London for some of it, but hope to be away when & if the proverbial hits the fan.
Unfortunately there’s no knowing when this would be.

I’m guessing that the two main times (for terror) would be:

1: The closing ceremony (12th August)

2: The opening ceremony (9PM Friday 27th June to 12:30AM Saturday 28th June).

The following are my suspected most likely scenarios:

Main suspected targets are:

1: The Olympic Stadium obviously, on its nuclear-contaminated site.
2: Big Ben/Houses of Parliament (false flag attack like the Gunpowder plot of 400 years ago – actually orchestrated by Masonic Jesuit crypto-Catholic King James VI/I himself & his spymaster Cecil, under approval of Jesuit General in Rome, blamed on lower down Jesuit operatives).

Main suspected executors:

Mossad embeds within G4S or Rapiscan, in alliance with MI5/6, CIA & NATO more