Saturday, June 30, 2012

Olympics Al-Qaeda Terrorist Threat : Johnathan Evans Security Service Lies Through His Back Teeth.

Please read the propaganda and lies from Jonathan Evans , wheeled out after two years to plant the name 'Al-Qaeda' into your brain.


 Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. It is simply a database of names of jihadists who were trained to fight against the Russians during the Afghan-Soviet conflict. * The real purpose, to build up a fake enemy so the American people support illegal invasions and occupations of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and next on the agenda Iran.  The prime objective , Oil resources. The second objective, to conquer the Middle East for:......a one rule Government i.e. America.

The three videos below explain how Al-Qaeda was born. And after watching the 'explanations'you will understand that if there were to be  an attack on London during the Olympics, it would not have been from any outside 'terror organization'. Only then will you understand that to a politician your life has no value.